Work Skills Training

“Given my employment history, I would never have gotten this job without your recommendation.  Thank you for giving me the chance to prove myself through working at UCOM.”

         -- Former UCOM Volunteer

Part of the reciprocal partnership that UCOM enjoys in our community is the great work provided by volunteers who work side by side with people from various job skills training programs.  The benefits our neighbors/volunteers receive from this program are

  • Soft skills training (i.e. communications)
  • Building self-confidence and a ready-for-work attitude
  • Conflict resolution training and experience
  • Safety best-practices training and experience
  • Cross-training in specific skilled tasks
  • Training and experience in interacting with co-workers
  • Understanding the rewards of initiative
  • Understanding boundaries and supervision
  • Evaluation and recommendations as requested by potential employers and authorities

Sometimes, because things are working out, we don’t hear the ‘happy ending’. When our former clients are kind enough to check in with us and share their stories, we are blessed. A few of their stories can be found here.

UCOM participates in official partnerships with

  • The Hispanic Center of West Michigan
  • Kent County Court Services
  • Area Agency on Aging
  • Community Transition Campus Mayfield
  • Hope Network
  • MOKA

Among the 1,000+ people volunteering annually at UCOM more than 180 participate in these programs.

Other volunteers are gaining the same kinds of benefits through direct involvement with UCOM. Please contact Shawn.Keener@UCOMgr.org to see how you can participate.