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Where'd We Lose You, Jesus?

December 23rd, 2016

A Christmas Prayer

Dear Jesus,
Where did we lose you?
In the tinsel and wrapping, the clearances and road rage?
Our greedy grasping for more?

Or was it long before all that?
Did you get lost in the wrappings of those swaddling clothes?
The chorus...

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Thankful for Heroes of All Descriptions

November 25th, 2013

She is certainly a hero--the Forrest Hills School bus driver who got all the students safely off the bus before it went up in flames last week.

No less a hero is Marcel Suazo who utilized financial skills classes and connections through UCOM to purchase...

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You Can't Buy That With Food Stamps

November 1st, 2010

Rick and Cindy Mathis live in UCOM’s service area and have long been supporters of the many programs here that help people to cope with current economic struggles, as well as some of the options we provide for helping people have brighter futures. They have a couple of ideas that are newsworthy....

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