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Benefits of recurring giving

April 1st, 2023

Look around you. So many of your neighbors never had the privileges that we have.

I urge you to experience these questions.

What would you do if you were abruptly unemployed? 

What if this unemployment came on the heels of medical bills that depleted your savings? 

How would you feel if your children were hungry and you didn’t know where or how to find good nutritious food for them?

As strong and resilient as you are, would you feel helpless? Even hopeless?

This might give you just a little glimpse into the community of good people that UCOM serves. 

Where would you go to find emergency help for now and to find the kind of options that exist for your progress in life?

You know what my answer is to that series of questions. For 37 years UCOM has been present to walk alongside our neighbors as they decide the best path for their future. 

With all the ramifications from COVID-19, inflation, changing work situations, the growing number of refugees, globally and locally, UCOM is at a very crucial point in our work. While more of our neighbors need more help than before many of the people who support UCOM financially find themselves unable to give as much.

If you have been considering giving a large gift to UCOM please don’t wait. Send it today.

If you’re like most of us, you may not have what you think of it as a large gift to give, please consider giving a recurring gift in any amount. $25, $10, $100 a month puts you into the generous giver category here at UCOM. My personal goal is to grow our recurring donor base from 25 to 100 people this year. You are the only ones I know to turn to. 

Will you sign up to give a recurring gift today? Just click on the DONATE ONLINE button above. Be sure to check the box so your gift is a recurring one.

You’ll be glad you did a good thing and your neighbors may just thrive because of your generosity.

Use the comment section below to engage in conversation with one another and with me as we examine ourselves and share mutual encouragement with our neighbors.

Now go out into your day inspired by Spirit, flooded with hope, and ready for action.


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