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March 1st, 2023

From Bishop Yvette Flunder (she, her)

These were some of my takeaways from a message by the bishop on MLK Day.  She used the story of the Israelites' escape from Egypt and their growth during their wilderness wandering as a starting point.

There are so many thoughts here to explore. Please use the comments section to respond with your thoughts.

MLK Day Worship

Bishop Yvette Flunder (she, her)

The excitement of freedom victories can only last for so long. There are other freedom fights to come in the long term.

There must be a paradigm shift in the freedom fighters. Changing internal beliefs changes the way we get more freedom.

We justice warriors must no longer depend on the oppressors to provide what we need to gain freedom.

It is lean in the wilderness—manna instead of meat and leeks and onions. We need lean theology, to lose some friends, to move forward on the journey.

How do we bring the kin-dom of God to earth? Travel light.

We are people of the crossing on our way to a new land.

How do I change my appetite from the things that kept me in slavery?

How do I learn new skills to carry me on?

The hunger for power is insatiable. Then the oppressed becomes the oppressor.

When you come to a new land we must develop new appetites. We are not called just to be relocated. We need a total reforming of church as it was to what it should be.

We need to go from getting free to living free to freeing others.

Need fresh theology. In that we learn the way forward.

“Where God leads me I will follow.”


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