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Pandemic Perspectives - Part Four

August 10th, 2020


Executive Director Dr. Bruce Roller shares his thoughts on living during a time of pandemic in this four-part series.

The Pandemic as Harsh Teacher

“Experience is a harsh teacher. It gives the test first and then the lesson.”

Lessons learned or yet to be learned (in no particular order):

Don’t believe everything you hear. For information about medical issues listen to the experts: scientists, doctors, and front-line medical personnel, not politicians or preachers unless they are quoting those people.

We are not in control of our lives or our surroundings after all.

When we are not so busy doing we can spend more time being. Rather than needing to be entertained every moment, we can spend more quality time with those closest to us.

Life is temporal and transient. May we learn to appreciate our humanity and may we treasure each moment that we have together.

Have we learned the importance of human touch? Are we learning new ways of communicating—deep listening as well as authentic speaking?

Some of us are learning that we really are all in this life together. We are interdependent with people around the globe. Can we learn that none of us is free unless all are free—free from assault, harassment, abuse and discrimination—poised to utilize our whole potential? 

Having seen clearly the vast inequities in our country are we ready to listen and learn how to correct our course and make amends for our past?

We have begun to see what some of the jobs are that are essential for the well-being of the nation. Can we learn how to honor, respect and adequately pay those who have to risk their lives to maintain a healthy society?

Coordinated efforts to protect us against the coronavirus are not likely to come from the top down so we have to listen to the experts and do what we have to do to keep ourselves and others safe.

Sometimes just staying alive and being healthy require sacrifices on our part.

Sharing is caring.

Money and military are not the answers to every challenge.

All life is precious. The needless death of even one person, much less 155,000 Americans, is not acceptable.

Honoring life is more important than increasing the value of the wealthiest among us.

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#1 Margaret Pierson said:

Thanks so much, Bruce, for putting into words, clearly stated, what I so passionately believe.

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