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7 Things For Which I Am Grateful (a series)

March 1st, 2019

Sometimes life’s rubble and trouble are stacked so high that we have difficulty seeing over it. Here are a few things that let light shine through the cracks in that impenetrable wall.

1. I am thankful for today.

Dwelling on yesterday’s success can create arrogance and false security. Emphasizing the disappointments that are past builds a sense of guilt and shame.

Borrowing from tomorrow’s hope breeds illusion. Anticipating the fear of tomorrow’s failure contributes to paralyzing anxiety.

Today is mine to enjoy or to endure as necessary. It is a new slate (though admittedly scarred by yesterday’s failures and shining with tomorrow’s possibility).

I am grateful for today that motivates me to begin something new or to put a novel perspective on a lingering, left-over task.

What I do with today is up to me. I do not have to let it be cluttered with unsolved riddles. It need not be spoiled by too much or too little thought or action. It is today with new (and better?) choices to be made.

Today is mine alone. I decide how I will act and respond moment by moment. I CAN make it a better day, not by changing the circumstances of it, but by absorbing its good and dousing it with a heartful of nobility.

I am grateful for today.

2. I am grateful for a smile.

For the serene subtle smile of a sage mentor, for the giggle of a child creating, for the tender look of lovers, I am thankful.

I have read that it takes fewer muscles to smile than to frown, but I know that sometimes smiles manifested take everything we have inside. Sometimes everything is not enough to curve the corners of the mouth up even a little. Sometimes when, by a very act of will, our mouth cooperates our eyes fail to reflect the sparkle our lips try to achieve.

So I am very thankful for a smile, however formed.

When I am tempted to think my smile hypocritical because I am not happy inside, it helps me to think that I am not smiling just for me. I’ve seen the flicker of a smile tug at someone else’s mouth in response to mine.

I am grateful for every smile that I receive and so with thanksgiving, I smile. I smile even when It takes all the strength within me. I am grateful for my smile that brightens me and that buoys those around me.

I am thankful for smiles.

For what are you grateful?


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