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Why Do We Do What We Do?

November 20th, 2017

What we do:

UCOM invests in our neighbors to build a happier, more economically secure community. Our primary ways of accomplishing this are improving access to better health through GOOD food and through active lifestyles. With this goal in place we create smoother pathways for people to reach their personal and financial goals.

How we do it

The Michigan Good Food Charter defines good food as “food that is healthy, green, fair and affordable.” UCOM improves access to this food by supporting 80 individual and community garden plots, providing free and low-cost healthy foods, promoting local Michigan produce, and providing special foods for people using doctor-prescribed diets to combat chronic illnesses like diabetes, heart disease and kidney dysfunction. Nutrition and cooking classes round out our approach to GOOD food.

We host two weekly exercise programs for people with limited mobility. Sit and Be Fit and Stretch and Flex exercise programs help people to keep active.

As part of the Employment Services Collaborative, we provide employment systems navigation, job coaching and tools to develop financial skills.

WHY we do what we do

We are believers in helping people to identify and develop their personal assets to achieve success in reaching their personal goals. UCOM has reached the pinnacle of our own success when our neighbors no longer need us. When their emergencies are fewer and their interdependence with the wider community is at its peak, our neighbors have won. In this sense UCOM is just a group of believers in GOOD “paying it forward” until most of our community members are achieving their own goals. Then those we have helped are in a position to help others toward their potential.

In this way—one person at a time—we move toward a whole community where people are able to help themselves and each other toward a happier, brighter, more viable way of life.

That is why we do what we do, and why we boldly invite you to help in this social venture that will revolutionize the world.

Why do you support UCOM’s mission?


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