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Going in Circles

September 8th, 2017

Imagine you just got out of prison. You have no ID, no drivers’ license, no family support, no job. Where do you turn?


If you are one of the lucky (blessed?) ones, you find a little circle of people who care what happens to you--some people to help you to connect with the basics you need to survive in those first crucial months. People to sub for family until you can get your new-found life together in the real world. Maybe some of that circle can help you with some short-term and longer-term goal setting.


So who would you want in that support circle?


Are you willing to be one of a little group of five people who will make a covenant with a returning citizen? UCOM wants to host such a gathering. Through Healing Communities Circles of Support, we can offer some of the resources that you need to be one of the people who helps clear a path for a parolee to get back into society.


If you are willing to join with four other individuals to meet once a week for a year with someone who really needs you to be a key to their success, email me at bruce.roller@UCOMgr.org or leave a comment here and let’s talk about the details.


Ben Rosa from Criminal Justice Chaplaincy will train your support circle so that you can really get up close and personal with a returning citizen and help them to find the spiritual, emotional, and physical help they need to succeed at life.


You won’t be alone. Healing Communities hopes to have ten such groups relating to our returning neighbors right away. There are experienced and caring people of faith who are dedicated to helping you to help another person.


Are you that person? Reach out today to say, “Count me in as part of UCOM’s circle to surround a returning citizen with the support and the hope they need to succeed.”



#1 Kathy Bogart said:


#2 Kathy Bogart said:

In my experience help should always be available for those who have been in jail. Even years later needs arise for various reasons. They need to know help is always available.

#3 Bruce Roller said:

I agree completely, Kathy. This intensive relationship-building for a year (individuals and support circles can decide to go longer of course) works to connect people with resources, help with job skills and leads, and offer other tools that the re-entering citizen can use to create a new life in a loving community. Thanks for emphasizing that.

#4 Mare Martell said:

I'd like more information about this. I've gone through this with a homeless person so I have some experience helping someone get on their feet again.

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