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Our Cup Runneth Over... Sometimes.

September 7th, 2016

By Erik Keener

Yesterday, following the long holiday weekend, UCOM received a tremendous bounty of donations. Food donations streamed into the pantry throughout the day. Thousands of pounds of produce, baked goods, canned products, and consumers goods made their way through our receiving doors and into the hands of families in need. All told UCOM received donations from:

  • 4 store locations of a large multinational grocery chain
  • A national big box store
  • A partner non-profit
  • A large food and restaurant supply wholesaler
  • 2 local farms

The donations themselves were tremendously helpful and will go a long way towards stocking our shelves for our neighbors.

But, here's the thing. All of that food and product. All of the thousands of pounds of carrots, lettuce, ham, toilet paper, toothpaste, tomatoes, and cereal? It'll all be gone by next Tuesday. On a slow day we'll have 30 households visit the pantry, ranging in size from a single person, all the way up to a very crowded 13. Each household receives enough food to support a three day emergency supply. That's 9 meals. Per person.

Which is why all of that food will disappear so quickly. The support UCOM receives from our corporate and non-profit partners is tremendous, but so is the need in the community we serve. Without your support, UCOM's ability to help those in need would be destroyed. You make it possible for us to receive these donations.


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