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Lenten Reflection: Building the Beloved Community

February 11th, 2016

What are you “taking on” for Lent?

Sometimes during the church season of Lent, Christians and other spiritually connected people contemplate the sins, temptations and distractions that turn us from God.  This Lenten season which began with Ash Wednesday this week, may we balance the process and envision the true worship, faithful service and open arms that turn us TO God?

How may we continue our often interrupted journey to justice and righteousness (doing the right thing)? May I suggest that one of the overlooked ways to a consistent awareness of God is service? The Gospel records Jesus as saying, “The one who would be greatest among you will be servant of all.”

What service are we doing between worship services? Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. informed us that in building the beloved community, we are “building a community where everyone is valued.”  In the Beloved community, hunger, homelessness, bigotry and hatred will be overcome by the powerful spirit of sisterhood and brotherhood.

During Lent I will explore in this blog some of the aspects of the shared vision of churches, community members and United Church Outreach Ministry that “flesh out” the concept of building the beloved community. I invite you to follow these weekly thoughts as an additional resource for your devotion, reflection or meditation as we seek to make Lent a season of repentance (turning toward God) rather than just one of being “heartily sorry for our sins”.


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