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Five Things Our Clients Say We Don't Do At UCOM

July 20th, 2015

It is all about dignity.

It is all about treating others with the same respect with which we hope they will treat us.

As we have discovered while listening to our neighbors, dignity is sometimes defined by what we don’t do. We asked, “What do you like most about the way UCOM treats you?” Here are some of the answers.

  • You don’t make me do things.

  • You don’t talk down to me and act like you are better than me.

  • You don’t do things FOR me, but with me.

  • You don’t act like I’m an imposition. You always make me feel like I am the most important person you will see today.

  • You don’t overstep my boundaries.

What would you suggest that UCOM and other organizations like us do (or stop doing) to enhance everyone’s dignity?

This article was first posted on Bruce’s blog Thinking Out Loud in April, 2012. Read the whole article. Just click or copy and paste this URL into your browser. https://bruceroller.wordpress.com/2012/04/30/five-things-our-clients-say-we-dont-do-at-ucom/


#1 Himali said:

I really like this article. I appreciate UCOM's support in the life of people like us. This is a wonderful act in here. I found no discrimination, always cheerful employee, they fulfill our basic need. only one i would like to request is if it is possible it would really perfect when they keep the foods only with valid date (not the date expired food) or very closer to best before.

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