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What to do with that left-over flex account

December 3rd, 2010

Matt Anderson to Bruce Roller:
Hi Bruce. I would appreciate if you wrote a quick blog about what health care items that individuals could use their excess flex spending money on that organization like UCOM would benefit from receiving as donations. It’s possible I will have a couple hundred extra dollars in my flex spending if nothing unplanned comes up. Thanks!

Matt Anderson on UCOM’s FaceBook page: I may end up with a couple hundred left in my flex spending account. If I do, what type of healthcare items are needed most by organizations such as UCOM?

United Church Outreach Ministry (UCOM) We always need things like adult cough medicine, band aids, and pain relievers. We also never have things like antibiotic first aid creams, allergy meds, sinus medication, anti itch creams, eye drops and other items like that.

Hi, Matt,
Thank you for the great blog idea. It looks like we have written it together. Thanks to Shawn and Erik Keener at UCOM for the suggested over-the-counter medications. I hope this inspires some people to pass on those flex savings to people in need of their help rather than just having it revert to their places of employment.
Is anybody else sitting on a super year-end (or year-round) giving idea? Please comment below.


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