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New Life

June 10th, 2011

By: Katie Vanderwal - Growing Green Neighbors Coordinator

The gardens were planned, the boxes built, the soil laid, and the seeds planted.  Now as we water and weed we have the amazing opportunity to watch new life spring up!  We’re off to a great start!  All around the area 10 families are currently tending their square foot gardens, watching as new green appears in their garden boxes.  They have committed to tending to them throughout the summer, learning more about square foot gardening, and teaching another family what they learn.  We are looking forward to meeting as a group and receiving instruction from our first Master Gardener.  In the coming weeks I’ll be making my way around to all of the families, checking out their gardens, and hopefully sharing pictures with you of the new growth!  As the summer continues they will have the opportunity to see their vegetables blossom and grow and will soon enjoy the harvest! 

This has always been my favorite part of gardening - getting to see these shoots of new life spring up.  It is such a picture of hope, new beginnings, and fresh beauty.  These tiny seeds struggle through the soil, poke up through the ground and reach upwards toward the light.  What a picture that is of what our lives can be like!  Sometimes the everyday responsibilities of life pack down on top of us and weigh us down.  But if we look towards God's light and hope we are given the strength to push beyond those things.  We break free of it in a sense and are then left with the freedom to grow and produce fruit with our lives! 

I commend our dedicated gardeners for taking this step as a new beginning in learning how to “square foot garden.” I can’t wait to see the beautiful growth!


#1 Ima Not-a-Gardener said:

This article makes me all tingly and excited about gardening - and I don't even like dirt or worms. But I love to eat fresh foods and this program is such a great way to empower neighbors to grow their own! Way to go Ms. Vanderwal on spearheading this project, you seem to be a natural born Master Gardener!

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